Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Jane Purcell and I have been introduced to online sales and marketing only within the last two years or so- and by accident, I’ll admit.

I had a passion for painting, (and in particular, art history) and my pets for most of my life.  I started college as an Art History major, but due to personal circumstances changed to a Business major.  Later, I found myself back home working and decided to open a housekeeping/caretaking/petsitting business.  I live in a wealthy community and the opportunities were plentiful- especially 20 years ago!

And that was it.  Literally.  I lived for work and worked to live.  I became so business- oriented I forgot about everything else.  I was in an isolated location and an isolating  job.

I even remember throwing all my early artwork out (yeah, I know) because I felt that it was baggage to carry around.  I did later regret that.

One day, I started to draw again.  No constraints or rules except to use lots of color.  For myself only.  A few years later, my boyfriend Chris, showed my work to his parents, Then his dad, Larry, recommended me to a furniture maker who needed artists to create artwork on children’s chairs for a charity auction, Chairish The Arts, through the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council.

It took off from there.  I began painting-  crafts, canvas, furniture, etc.  I showed my work at a few craft fairs, sold my work on commision at a friends store, joined Etsy.com and several networking sites.  I’ve sold handmade wedding invitations, and been working with editors for books and e-zines.

All that has led up to this blog.  I’ve made friends online and find that we all have our similarities and motivations.   I hope this blog will bring people together who share my enthusiasms (pets, art, flowers, cooking), and make new friends.

I will talk about my cat, Kitty.  A lot.

She is a rescue cat whose owner died, and the sweetest creature who gives me inspiration.   I might even dedicate this blog to her because I hope other pet-lovers will enjoy my ramblings.

Looking at my art style you will see my other passion is flowers and COLOR.

I hope these topics will engage you and I welcome your contributions.   Here is my favorite picture of Kitty, taken right after a month alone when her owner went into the hospital and did not return.  She walked into our house and fit perfectly-with us and us with her.


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