Kitty(boo) :D

I have mentioned that Kitty has entered my life only recently. Her owner was a close friend to Chris’s family. She found out that she had cancer and was in and out of the hospital. When she was in Kitty was checked on by Chris’s mother but it became apparent that she could not be alone any longer. We agreed (my mother and I) to take her in until her owner came home.

When Kitty walked into our house, she came into the living room and flopped on the floor. That was that.  We were hers, and this was home. I had not had any pets for a long time since my parakeet died. I took that very hard, but now, I am so delighted to have created a safe haven for her. We have all noticed, too, how much we all laugh and smile now. Chris’s parents wanted to take her in, but they were concerned about other family members’ allergies. Her owner passed on and now she’s here to stay.

Above is some of the artistic inspiration she has given me. These are my personal silhouettes of her in common poses. What a good girl…!


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