Do I Look 70 Years Old (people years) to You?

ImageFirst, after Kitty initially entered my life, I began drawing animal silhouettes filled with flowers.  She was my inspiration.  Not long after, I was asked to do a silhouette of a shih-tzu to celebrate his fifteenth birthday.  It was the next logical step, and it became my favorite way to work.  I let the customer choose her preferred colors and flower style from other pictures I’ve done.  Since my artwork is not technically portraits, I call them silhouettes- though I think there may be another term for a silhouette form filled with another image.

Next, I had her send me a photo of her dog in a definitive pose that could easily be recognized in silhouette form.  I showed her my first outline draft and then went on to  draw in the flowers.  I added color, and done!  These example pics are from a portrait collage of Kitty I made for my mother.  It was a great gift and was fun for me to create!

That’s a good kitty!



One Response to Do I Look 70 Years Old (people years) to You?

  1. Thanks for signing up on my blog. I love small prints and also use a lot of them in my artwork. Love the kitty!

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