These Girls Know Their Stuff!

Butterfly Perfume Bottle

I’ve just been introduced to a new blog that I think is going to blossom into something big-  I’ll quote them (Julia and Lior) directly from their own about page because they say it best-  “Oh So Girly is our corner of the internet where we embrace pink, flowers, kawaii stuff and everything girly, in a celebration of cute and pretty things!  Stay tuned for posts on girly gifts, beautiful home decor, beauty, fashion and everything in between.”

Pretty pink shoes

Actually they found me, and I’m glad they did.  They posted an article on my shop UnderTheNumNumTree  that was both flattering and informative.  The blog is relatively new but packed with all things that girls could want.  Every time I enter their site I find new things to enjoy and indulge in.  Oh, and of course there is their zazzle and cafepress shops- you have to check them out- they are gorgeous!  I’ll continue following them for sure- they’ve got the ideas, the talent, and the drive.  Here are some more links to check into:

Trendy Girly Bling


3 Responses to These Girls Know Their Stuff!

  1. The perfume bottle is so pretty.

  2. loving that perfume bottle!

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