My name is Jane Purcell and I have been introduced to online sales and marketing only within the last two years or so- and by accident, I’ll admit.

I had a passion for painting, (and in particular, art history) and my pets for most of my life.  I started college as an Art History major, but due to personal circumstances changed to a Business major.  Later, I found myself back home working and decided to open a housekeeping/caretaking/petsitting business.  I live in a wealthy community and the opportunities were plentiful- especially 20 years ago!

And that was it.  Literally.  I lived for work and worked to live.  I became so business- oriented I forgot about everything else.  I was in an isolated location and an isolating  job.

I even remember throwing all my early artwork out (yeah, I know) because I felt that it was baggage to carry around.  I did later regret that.

One day, I started to draw again.  No constraints or rules except to use lots of color.  For myself only.  A few years later, my boyfriend Chris, showed my work to his parents, Then his dad, Larry, recommended me to a furniture maker who needed artists to create artwork on children’s chairs for a charity auction, Chairish The Arts, through the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council.

It took off from there.  I began painting-  crafts, canvas, furniture, etc.  I showed my work at a few craft fairs, sold my work on commision at a friends store, joined Etsy.com and several networking sites.  I’ve sold handmade wedding invitations, and been working with editors for books and e-zines.

All that has led up to this blog.  I’ve made friends online and find that we all have our similarities and motivations.   I hope this blog will bring people together who share my enthusiasms (pets, art, flowers, cooking), and make new friends.

I will talk about my cat, Kitty.  A lot.

She is a rescue cat whose owner died, and the sweetest creature who gives me inspiration.   I might even dedicate this blog to her because I hope other pet-lovers will enjoy my ramblings.

Looking at my art style you will see my other passion is flowers and COLOR.

I hope these topics will engage you and I welcome your contributions.   Here is my favorite picture of Kitty, taken right after a month alone when her owner went into the hospital and did not return.  She walked into our house and fit perfectly-with us and us with her.


5 Responses to About

  1. melonaide says:

    Hi Jane,

    I like your art! Simple yet beautiful and creative. I myself got two pet cats whom I always hug whenever I see them, to their dismay. LOL

    Btw, thanks for following my blog. Have a great day! 😀

    ~ Mel

  2. Hi Jane! Nice to meet you! Thanks very much for stopping by and following my blog, I appreciate that a lot!
    You have a very lovely blog here and I like your drawings! Keep up the colorful creativity!


  3. Hello my dear friend, thanks for the follow and nice meeting your here via Word Press. Please accept my nomination for you to receive “Tell Me Bout Yourself Award” here: http://allaboutlemon.com/2012/05/13/awards-acknowledgement/
    Enjoy and have fun blogging

    • janepurcell says:

      Thank you so much adollyciousirony for the nomination. I’m extremely flattered. I am also touched by the response to my most personal post about myself. I will definitely pay it forward. All my best, janepurcell

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