Halloween and Pinterest- Very Nice Indeed

October 19, 2012

Candy Corn Kitty

So a long, long time ago I said I would add a new theme every two weeks or so to my Pinterest page.  For all my friends who follow this blog, the last theme I created was a shell and sand theme in honor of the last days of summer.  After a few weeks I did create a theme using my favorite color–  brown.  To me, September is a tough one to theme.  Mostly it’s all about back-to-school.  But if anyone was like me as a kid I used to cringe at back-to-school sales commercials and felt very forlorn at the first sign of leaf change here in Connecticut.

I paid close attention, and realized that the first change (no matter how small) was always by Aug. 10th.  Ugh.  We had lots of time left for swimming and biking but those last few weeks really feel like a rainy Sunday and tomorrow it’s back to school (or work).  Except that feeling lasts the whole few weeks.

Anyway, to get back to my point, I created a theme that had nothing to do with school at all, but evoked those cozy feelings of tucking in and reading in a comfy chair with a cup of tea.  But, due to some travelling and a backlog of work on my return, I never posted it here for my friends to see.  Don’t worry, it’s my favorite theme so I will revisit it often.

Halloween House

But to zoom back into the present, I have recently created a Halloween page that I’m very pleased with.  It’s really about the colors associated with this fun holiday.  If you remember, my challenge was to create a theme from all the wonderful pictures that me and my Pinterest friends have pinned.  Sometimes the pictures will be directly related to my theme, or the colors will create those feelings.

Happy Pinning!  And Happy Halloween!


Kitty(boo) :D

February 10, 2012

I have mentioned that Kitty has entered my life only recently. Her owner was a close friend to Chris’s family. She found out that she had cancer and was in and out of the hospital. When she was in Kitty was checked on by Chris’s mother but it became apparent that she could not be alone any longer. We agreed (my mother and I) to take her in until her owner came home.

When Kitty walked into our house, she came into the living room and flopped on the floor. That was that.  We were hers, and this was home. I had not had any pets for a long time since my parakeet died. I took that very hard, but now, I am so delighted to have created a safe haven for her. We have all noticed, too, how much we all laugh and smile now. Chris’s parents wanted to take her in, but they were concerned about other family members’ allergies. Her owner passed on and now she’s here to stay.

Above is some of the artistic inspiration she has given me. These are my personal silhouettes of her in common poses. What a good girl…!

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