End of Summer Pinterest Theme

August 31, 2012

Seashell Lamp

This time around my Pinterest theme is seashells, sand, sea glass, and pearls.  It’s all about things you you can find on the beach.  Happy hunting!      www.pinterest.com/janepurcell






Kristina Law Treasury on Design and Style Guide

July 17, 2012

Treasury from: Kristina Law
Brown Accessories
Cinderella, bed, cradle, crib,rocking cradle

From: Eugenie Woodcraft

Set of four Pine Cone Napkin Rings

From: House Of Peltier/ A. Peltier Interiors

Redwood Adirondack by Tom the Irishman

From: Tom the Irishman, LLC

brown and gray-brown diamonds

From: Judeco

Archer Espresso Coffee Table with Shelf

From: Overstock

Lidded jar with rock knob

From: Willow Tree Pottery

Stoneware Teapot, Teacup and Dessert Plate/Espresso Sunrise Series

From: Pat Parker"s Stoneware Pottery

Walnut pedestal table

From: bowlfly studios


From: Alfer Design

Pair of 18in Daniel Pillow Covers Leather and Fur

From: Designs by Derilyn

Brown Fused Glass Bowl

From: Lynne's Art Glass

Cocobolo bowl

From: bowlfly studios


Do I hear a lawnmower?

March 21, 2012

Award winning gardens

Okay, I’m working from home again today-  I have neglected my blog and my peeps, tweets, tweeps, twits or whatever we are called.  😀  (Where are my emoticons?)  Windows are open, heat is off, I can see a tree with white flowers in the neighbors’ yard, and I think I hear a lawnmower. Or is it a chainsaw…

I call this a nice day. Especially for Connecticut in March.  71.6°F.  Oh yeah…

My Disney trip is still fresh in my mind- I went down to Florida this time with thoughts of my mother retiring there and also myself  living out my life there.  I can tell you, my impressions were very pleasant this time around.  Lovely breezes, pelicans, beaches, and sandpipers.  Sand, golf carts, shopping and palm trees.  Very relaxing…

I didn’t see any alligators.  Where were all the alligators?  Chris (my fiancée) took a picture of a mess of alligators on the side of a road down there.  The picture was dark, and all you could see was the reflection of lots of pairs of eyes.  Great shot!  So of course, I wanted to see the gators!  I was also supposed to be able to spot at any given time a manatee or dolphins.  I got a quick glimpse of a fin from far away.  I did see one at Dinsey – just floating in his pool.  They don’t do much, do they?

Just let me brief you on my first experience in the Sunshine state.  I was in college (I think you know where this is going) and my sister and two friends wanted to go down for our Spring break (NOT for Spring Break as it’s known).  My friend’s parents owned a condo in Daytona and invited us to visit them from Boston.  It was March and when we arrived it was drizzling freezing ice.  That was okay because we all heard it would be warm enough for the beach the next day.

Well, it really wasn’t, but we toughed it out anyway.  The water actually wasn’t too bad but there was a shark feeding warning on the beach.  We could actually see them from the condo deck on the 11th floor.

Eating out was not very pleasant all anyone on the wait staffs could see were four teenagers on SPRING BREAK.  So everywhere we went service was rude (except for MGM Studios).  We had fun at MGM but after that our little group started to break apart.  The nightlife was crazy and we only went out once for clubbing.  Ugh.  It was like there were no rules or boundaries.  Traffic was jammed the whole time and it was too cold to sunbathe.  My sister started picking fights, one of the girls (that I didn’t know very well) sneaked out of our room at night and sat alone in the dark drinking, (a horrible insight for the rest of us, and shocking to the parents), and my other friend started retreating into herself and going off alone to get away from all of us.  I’m not sure what I was doing, except trying to cope.  But I do remember doing my homework and watching a movie our last night there (all four of us did that together and started being friends again).

Okay so now we were all in a rush to get back to the frigid calm of Boston relatively speaking and the flight got delayed due to ice on the wings.  We finally got home and I was quite thrilled that I did not have to make excuses about my homework not being finished.

Just think  two weeks later it would have been an awesome trip!  What could be better than a trip to Florida, staying in a beautiful condo just yards from the beach with family and friends?

Valet Parking

So now that I am done with my cautionary tale, my last few words will be about my latest impression of Florida.  While there, see some friends, make new ones, go for a ride and get some oranges!

Back from Disney World/Florida I loved Epcot

February 27, 2012

9 lb Lemons!

Wonderful view!

Lovely Gardens

I just got back from a bonzai run to Melbourne, FL. It was relaxing and beautiful. But not until Sunday(19th). Chris and I drove straight through Thursday night (16th) to Valdosta, Georgia to pick up a friend- then straight on to Orlando to get rooms- grabbed some sleep- and on Saturday we ALMOST accomplished the impossible:   to see everything in the park in one DAY. Man, we almost made it- but we lingered waaaayyyy to long in the dreamy world of Nemo, watched a street performer climb chairs (France), shopped in “Japan”- (much bigger than it looked at first) stood in awe at the chasing fountains (for an hour), and landed in line at the German restaurant (which wouldn’t have seemed so long if I had more than cereal and fruit for breakfast).  We slept fast, and with a blister the size of a dime on my heel, popping joints, and the lingering frustration of not making the last couple of exhibits, we drove our friend back to GA- then-onto Melbourne.  Where the resting commenced…

First Time to Disney World!

February 16, 2012

I’m going on vacation!  Florida bound!  Going to miss Kitty 😦  I hope you’ll all still be following me until I get back! Ta!

custom house portrait